Explore: 7 Exciting Things To Do In Lagos

September 29th 2023 in Guide
Explore: 7 Exciting Things To Do In Lagos

Lagos is one of the most popular places in the Algarve. However, there is much more to do there than lounge on the beaches (though they’re very nice!). Check out our 7 exciting things to do in Lagos, Portugal, to make your trip truly unique.

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What Is Lagos Portugal Known For?

The busiest place in South West Portugal, Lagos is known for its pristine white beaches and picturesque views from the cliffs. With resorts and restaurants, there is more than enough to have a leisurely holiday in the Algarve.

Like many other parts of Portugal, such as Sintra and Faro, Lagos is also full of history for you to discover. With ancient buildings and traditions on your doorstep, you can learn a thing or two from your vacation as well.

However, there’s no reason why you can’t have adventure here too! And we don’t just mean the vibrant nightlife reputation that Lagos is globally renowned for…

Though less well-known than its resources for relaxation, Lagos has much more to offer to make your trip thrilling.

Explore Lagos’ Old Town

Buildings in Lagos Old Town

Before we tell you the exciting things you can do in Lagos, Portugal, we highly recommend visiting Lagos Old Town too!

Whether you visit before or after your thrilling adventure, ensure it’s on your 2-week Portugal itinerary.

With cobbled streets underneath your feet, there are an abundance of shops to peruse and cafes to drink some Portuguese coffee and wine. Pick up a trinket or souvenir as you mingle with the locations, enjoying a more leisurely way of life.

Fortifications that are hundreds of years old are around every corner, ready for you to get up close and personal. Plus, it’s a fantastic picture opportunity to make all your friends at home jealous of your Algarve vacation.

If the history of the Old Town isn’t enough learning, then take a trip to the ScienceMuseum or take in the wildlife in the city’sCentral Park.

7 Exciting Things To Do In Lagos

Now you’ve had your wander around the historic Old Town, it’s time to really explore the city.

Here are some thrilling activities to add some excitement to your journey.

Dolphin watching

Dolphins leaping through the sea

With such proximity to the sea, it's no surprise that there is a surplus of marine life that you can witness on your visit to Lagos. One of the most beautiful are the dolphins, which you can get up close and personal with via a boat tour!

Head out into the sea with some experts who will not only know the best areas for spotting the majestic creatures but all the safety precautions too. Get some enviable photos of the dolphins to share with friends, as well as the stunning Portuguese coast behind you.

A very unique outing, seeing dolphins would certainly be exciting.


People Kayaking in Lagos

Portugal is known for its dreamy turquoise waters, so it would be silly to not get in them! Take your adventure into the Lagos waters by going on a kayak tour!

Visit the Ponta da Piedade area featuring unique rock formations before heading to the secluded beaches to soak in the fantastically exciting experience in Lagos, Portugal.

Learn a new skill in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

Jet Boat Tour To Benagil Cave

Inside Benagil Cave lagos

In an area so close to beautiful waters, it's no surprise that many of Lagos’ exciting adventures revolve around the sea.

If kayaking and dolphin watching are a little too slow for you, then you can always try out a jet boat tour instead to visit the spell-binding Benagil cave. A formation like no other, the tour will take up up to and into the cave so you can see the famous sunroof for yourself.

You can glide up to the shores and walk around on the secluded golden sands under the cave before taking a refreshing dip in those unbelievable waters.

Parque Aventura

Woman in high ropes smiling down

If you want to head back to land for your next exciting Lagos adventure, then Parque Aventura is a fantastic day out for the whole family.

Head up into the high ropes to get a completely new perspective of the beautiful region, climbing through the trees and coming back down again on zip lines!

You’ll be sure to have an adrenaline-filled day out in Parque Aventura, especially if you try out the paintball too!

Jeep Tour Through The Countryside

hands on wheel driving keep down rocky road

Okay, now it's time to really stick to the ground by going on a Jeep tour of the Lagos countryside. Literally, head off the beaten to explore the hidden gems of Portugal in the scenic countryside.

On this guided tour, there will even be the opportunity to stop for lunch to try some authentic Portuguese cuisine and beer!

This road trip can get a little bumpy, so this is certainly an activity for those who love a thrill.


Snorkel resting on rock in lagos

Back to the sea, but this time we’re going underneath it! Try your hand at snorkelling along the Portuguese coastline and see the marine life closer than ever!

There are plenty of snorkelling tours available around Lagos. There will be a short boat trip to the perfect spot before you can discover the beauties below the waters. Some will take you to caves, others to coral reefs - it's up to you to decide!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rainbow hot air balloon in sunny sky

This is perhaps one of the most exciting adventures you can have in Lagos - a hot air balloon ride! Take to the skies to get a truly unique perspective of Lagos and other areas below.

The one-hour trip will take you over all the impressive sights, including Ponta da Piedade, the Old Town and the vast amount of stunning beaches.

This would certainly be an activity to brag about when you return!

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