Explore: Must See Places For Your Porto Itinerary

September 28th 2023 in Guide
Explore: Must See Places For Your Porto Itinerary

Like many places in the beautiful Portugal, Porto is full of history and life - but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list of must-see places. There are plenty of activities to fill a Porto itinerary to make your trip memorable and worthwhile. Let's look at all this stunning city has to offer.

Porto’s History Is Something To Behold

The second largest city in Portugal, Porto has been around for centuries. It has links to the Celts, Romans and more over its long and interesting history.

After the Romans occupied Porto from the Celts in the 400s, it was transformed into a port city. It then became a major commercial market and was renamed Portus Cale.

porto at night

In the 12th century, Portugal finally gained independence but only briefly before coming under Spanish rule. However, this benefited Porto as it grew in size and stature, becoming an important city in the region.

Portugal gained independence again in the 17th Century and by that point, Porto was already significant in the country. It became the home for artists and its wine industry grew massively and it even became the Portuguese capital for a short while.

Now, Porto is well known for its cultural importance and is a huge tourist destination for some sun, sea and culture.

Porto Activities

If you’re looking for ways to fill your Porto itinerary, then there are many activities on offer inthe city to fill a city break trip.

Wine Tasting

three glasses of wine next to douro river

With a city so heavily connected to wine, it would be a little rude to visit Porto and not try some of its delicious and authentic wine.

There are so many wine-tasting sessions and tours on offer that choosing just one is tricky. Think about what you want to gain most from the experience before you book!

Travel into the depths of the ancient wine cellars to learn all about the history and figures, such as Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, who are heavily associated with the tasty beverage. Try some of the finest Douro wines in the Old Bar, one of the most iconic places in Porto.

Many of the tours feature chocolate and cheese tastings as well if you want something a little bit extra. For a modern touch, many offer multimedia sections to fully immerse you in the wine history of Porto.

Others take you down the beautiful Douro River, taking in the impressive sights of the city and you sip on a glass or two of sumptuous wine.

Douro River

Douro river next to Porto

The Douro River is one of Porto’s must-see wonders, and it’s pretty hard to avoid. The deep blue waters run right next to the terracotta-topped buildings of Porto, constantly reminding you of the proximity to the Mediterranean.

Along the impressive river are 6 bridges with their own impressive history. With a city as walkable as Porto, we recommended spending some time walking across them and taking in their interesting architecture.

Many of them have been influenced or designed by Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is obvious when you see them up close, with similar designs to the famous French landmark. The most famous of Porto’s bridges is the Maria Pia, but all of them are worthy of a visit to see their differences and similarities!

Porto Cathedral

Found right in the centre of Porto, the Roman Catholic Cathedral is a wonder to behold. One of the oldest buildings in the city, it's definitely one of Porto’s must see places for your itinerary.

Porto Cathedral

With construction beginning in the 1100s, the cathedral is almost 1000 years old. However, it has been renovated many times since its original construction. Interestingly, this means its architecture has a lot of different stles, reflective of the time of renovation.

There are so many things to see inside that you’ll want to dedicate a couple of hours to taking it all in.

Mercado do Bolhão

If you’re looking to meet the locals and gain a truly authentic experience of Porto, then head to Mercado do Bolhão. A market found in the city centre, you’ll find fresh produce and plenty of stalls selling souvenirs to find something to remember your trip by.

Fresh fruit at Mercad do Bolhao

Split into different sections, there is also some delicious Portuguese food found in Mercado do Bolhão’s restaurants. If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, then grab something on the go as you explore the amazing complex.

You’ll hear plenty of pregão as you make your way around the stalls. These are the ‘cries’ of women selling their products, often wanting to outdo one another. It's truly something to experience!

Porto is a truly magnificent city with plenty of activities that deserve their place on your 2-week Portugal itinerary.

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