Guide: Evora the heart of Portugal

August 30th 2023 in Day Trips
Guide: Evora the heart of Portugal

Evora the Heart of Portugal

Where is Evora

Discover the wonders of Alentejo by starting your journey in the charming city of Evora. Its central location between Lisbon and Estremadura in Spain offers the perfect opportunity to explore the region's diverse cities, villages, and landscapes. Immerse yourself in the rich history, savour the delicious local cuisine, and embark on unforgettable adventures in the plains or ocean. Whether you're travelling from the Algarve to the North or from Lisbon to Spain, add Evora to your itinerary and indulge in everything it offers.

Discover Evora

See the serene atmosphere of Evora and the Alentejo region. Immerse yourself in the historic centre of Evora at a relaxed pace, solo, with loved ones or on a romantic getaway. Capture the beauty of your surroundings as you stroll through the charming streets and alleys, holding hands or keeping a watchful eye on your children. Experience the unhurried pace of life in Alentejo, where taking breaks to appreciate the world around you is encouraged.

Culture of Evora

Discover the rich cultural offerings of Evora, a city steeped in history and contemporary allure. From the impressive Colégio do Espírito Santo at the University of Evora to the captivating "Fresco Route" showcasing the city's Baroque period, prepare to be awed. Evora's new museums and cultural points of interest are sure to impress, making it an ideal destination no matter the weather. Immerse yourself in art, theatre, puppetry, painting, and short films at venues like Teatro Garcia de Resende and various buildings throughout the city. The Regional Conservatory of Music in Evora, Eborae Música, offers exceptional performances for classical music lovers. Delight in the permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Evora Museum, showcasing archaeology, art, and convent assets. The Eugénio de Almeida Foundation's cultural centre, housed in the stunningly renovated Palace of Inquisition, is a must-visit for its excellent temporary exhibitions. Explore other notable cultural sites like the Evora Cathedral Sacred Art Museum, Traditional Arts Center, Coach Museum, and charming small spaces throughout the city. For those seeking a cultural adventure in the enchanting Alentejo region, Evora is a must-visit destination.

Dining in Evora

When in Evora, exploring the delicious food Alentejo region should be at the top of your list. This Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is famous throughout Portugal and is best enjoyed at one of the many local restaurants. Seasoned with locally grown herbs and spices, including coriander, mint, and oregano, the dishes burst with flavour and pair perfectly with the region's renowned wines. Be sure to try the hearty and delicious Alentejo bread and indulge in the sweet pastries and savoury chicken pot pies at the local cafes and bakeries. Stroll through the charming streets of Evora to fully appreciate the city's unique character. While some delicacies are only available during certain seasons, the "Route of Traditional Flavors" event, held between January and April, offers a chance to experience them all. In the Evora Tourism Region, you'll find five of the eight wine-growing sub-regions in Alentejo, making it the perfect place to sample various V.Q.P.R.D. wines. From Pêra Manca to Monte dos Pinheiros, the region's wines will surely delight your palate. And don't forget to visit the Alentejo Wines space to learn more about the region's wine-grape varieties and Enotourism. The beauty of Alentejo is best experienced by driving through the open roads of the plains to and from Evora.

UNESCO of Evora

Discover the enchanting city of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986, and immerse yourself in its rich historical significance. From Roman times, Evora has been a museum city, with its golden age in the 16th century when Portuguese kings resided here. Its stunning architecture, including white houses, tiles, and balconies, exemplifies the history of Portugal after the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The beauty of Evora has even inspired the development of cities in Brazil, such as Salvador da Bahia. UNESCO highlights the old Aqueduto da Água de Prata wall, medieval buildings, cathedrals, convents, palaces, churches, and squares as must-see destinations. Experience the beauty and historical significance of Evora firsthand.

Monuments of Evora

Evora's natural features have attracted people for centuries, making it a fascinating destination for anyone interested in exploring ancient history. Known as the Capital of the Iberian Megalithic, Evora boasts a variety of prehistoric sites such as the Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, Cromeleque dos Almendres, and Menir dos Almendres, all part of the Megalithic Circuit in Evora. To enrich your experience, visit the Megalithic Ebora interpretation centre in the Convento dos Remédios, where you can discover two significant periods in the city's past: the Megalithic and Roman periods.

Nightlife in Evora

Experience the lively university town of Evora, where people of all ages gather to enjoy vibrant nightlife. There are bustling bars, discos, student parties during the week and lively festivities on the weekends - ensuring there is always something exciting to do, even during the colder months. During the summer, you can enjoy the warm nights by cooling off at one of the many terraces in the historic centre of Evora. Sipping on refreshing drinks while soaking in the city’s energy is an unforgettable experience, rain or shine.